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All patients suffering from chronic or oncological pathologies can be registered on myDoctorAngel, we will evaluate your case and consult with your doctors to best treat you. Doctors and healthcare professionals can register on myDoctorAngel to start collaborations or participate in our training

Our team is open to doctors with free practice and agreement number, active in the Ticino and national territory. Researchers and specialists in the medtech area can also contact us to discuss possible research collaborations. We collaborate with the best operators in the area (nurses, physiotherapists, occupational therapists and other professional figures)

myDoctorAngel doctors perform remote medical services in telemedicine, and in selected cases in-person visits to your home can also be arranged. Home care and assistance is provided by our nursing and rehabilitation partners.

In-person visits to your home or to medical clinics belonging to our network are possible.

Any support is welcome, be it volunteer action or financial support for research. The myDoctorAngel company is a non-profit company and donations will be used to support our research to improve the quality of life of patients and to cover costs that health insurance companies do not support (such as the costs of monitoring equipment). Visit our donation page or write to us at info@mydoctorangel.ch

The diagnostic week consists of home visits by a nurse and possibly other healthcare professionals according to the patient’s specific needs. Monitoring is performed with wearable devices that monitor blood pressure, saturation, ECG and various other parameters depending on the patient’s needs. The diagnostic week is prescribed by your family doctor or specialist and at the end of the week you will receive, together with your doctor or specialist, a final multidisciplinary diagnostic report and a recommendation for a patient support program personalized for you.

The patient support program, planned after a diagnostic week, is completely personalized to your case and your current pathologies and therapies. It could consist of specific nursing services (e.g. basic care, therapeutic education, administration or supply of therapies to your home and much more), physiotherapy, occupational therapy, dietary support, etc. Furthermore, you will be provided with a wearable device that collects vital parameters useful for preventing problems related to your disease or your therapies, all personalized to your specific needs. Your doctor will receive regular updates, the myDoctorAngel doctor will also be available if you need them and if your doctor is not available. Our team meets regularly to offer you the best possible service during this period.

The services performed by myDoctorAngel and its nursing and rehabilitation partners are generally recognized by basic insurance, we advise you to check with your health insurer if there are particular limitations in your contract and we cannot respond in case of specific arrangements you have agreed with your health insurance. Our services generally require a medical prescription from your doctor, specialist or hospital.