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We offer an innovative diagnostic service

Welcome to myDoctorAngel

Cancer and chronic diseases confront us with complex problems, many are lost and worried in a complex healthcare system that often does not put them at the center of attention.

We are here to take care of you in a complete and personalized way during your treatment journey, we help you find all the support you need.

In collaboration with our partners, we offer specialized consultations and a multidisciplinary treatment plan tailored to you.

Our commitment is to support you and your loved ones, working closely with your family doctor and your specialist.
Our treatments are recognized and covered by all health insurance companies.

MyDoctorAngel is an innovative non-profit medical center that offers services directly to your home with telemedicine, tele-diagnostics and remote monitoring. We are committed to promoting the digitalisation of care, research and treatment coordination through a multidisciplinary approach. Our mission is to improve your quality of life by reducing healthcare costs.

Our services for patients suffering from chronic or oncological pathologies

Personalized consultations

Receive personalized, detailed consultations from our expert medical team. We work in synergy with your doctors to answer all your questions and create an integrated and optimized treatment plan, specifically adapted to your needs and your treatment path.

Multidisciplinary care

Access our network of specialist nursing, dietetic, psychological, physiotherapeutic and ergotherapeutic care with specialized operators to improve your quality of life during therapies.

Advanced Diagnostics

We use cutting-edge technologies, such as wearable devices, to offer targeted diagnosis. Improve your health by preventing any complications. Everything directly to your home.

Home treatments

Some therapies can be administered or provided easily at your home by qualified personnel, reducing the need to travel and giving you more time to live.

Innovation and Research

We have created an innovative clinical registry in which you too can participate to contribute to the research and discovery of new treatments and artificial intelligence algorithms that could save many lives in the future.

Why Choose MyDoctorAngel?

  • Personalized Carestrong,
    Every patient is unique, and their treatment path should be too
  • Technologiesstrong,
    We use technological tools to improve your experience and safety
  • Collaboration with Expertsstrong,
    We work closely with several experts. The key to our success is professionalism, quality and multidisciplinarity
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