i nostri servizi per pazienti oncologici


These services represent a comprehensive commitment to offering high-quality, personalized, innovation-driven cancer care to improve the lives of patients facing this challenge.

Personalized consultations

  • Receive comprehensive, personalized advice from a team of expert healthcare professionals and dedicated oncologists.
  • Detailed assessment of your case and your specific needs.
  • Active collaboration with your family doctor and your oncologist to guarantee an integrated and synergistic approach to your care.
  • Creation of a customized treatment plan that integrates with existing therapies.

Multidisciplinary care

  • Access to a network of specialized health professionals, including nurses, dieticians, physiotherapists and occupational therapists, with specific training in oncology.
  • Objective: to improve your quality of life during oncology treatment through specialized care targeted to your needs.
  • Integration of new technologies and cutting-edge approaches to ensure maximum effectiveness of treatments.

Advanced Monitoring

  • Using cutting-edge monitoring technologies, including wearable devices, to keep tabs on your symptoms and vital signs.
  • Constant monitoring to promptly detect any problems or side effects during treatment.
  • Providing tools to help you better manage your health and well-being.

Home treatments

  • Some oncology therapies can be administered in the comfort of your home by highly trained staff.
  • Reduce the need for travel and the impact of travel on your daily life.
  • An opportunity to spend more time in your home and with your family.

Innovation and Research

  • Active collaboration with pharmaceutical companies, hospitals, associations and doctors to develop cutting-edge digital patient support programs.
  • Involvement in decentralized clinical trials to contribute to the search for new treatments and advanced ways of monitoring side effects.
  • myDoctorAngel’s commitment to innovation and research to constantly improve the care and experience of cancer patients.