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myDoctorAngel Academy

Welcome to myDoctorAngel Academy, a center of excellence for training healthcare professionals dedicated to the use of digital technologies for advanced patient monitoring and management. At our Academy, we are committed to training healthcare professionals to become experts in the care of cancer or chronically ill patients, providing them with the skills needed to provide high-quality care. We are selecting and training new generation operators: join us!

What we offer

  • Specialist knowledge of tumors:
    • Our courses cover a wide range of oncology topics, from tumor biology to the different types of cancer and available therapies.
    • Healthcare professionals will gain an understanding of oncological pathologies for better patient management.
  • Training on Oncology Therapies:
    • We provide detailed training on different cancer therapies, including chemotherapy, immunotherapy, radiation therapy and targeted therapies.
    • Operators will learn to effectively manage patients undergoing these therapies, including the management of side effects according to their skills and professional roles.
  • Advanced Use of Digital Means:
    • myDoctorAngel Academy is at the forefront of the use of digital technologies for the monitoring and management of cancer patients.
    • Healthcare workers will be trained on the use of wearable devices, applications and digital platforms to continuously monitor patients’ health.
  • Specialization in Advanced Procedures:
    • We offer specialized courses for the correct and safe use of devices such as port-a-cath, tracheostomy, PEG (percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy), PleurX and home nutrition management.
    • Providers will gain practical skills to provide advanced care to patients with specific needs.

Our Commitment to Excellence:

MyDoctorAngel Academy is committed to providing the highest level of training for healthcare professionals. We want to help you become highly trained, compassionate professionals who can provide comprehensive, high-quality care to cancer patients.

Join us to gain skills that will make a significant difference in patients’ lives and help improve cancer care significantly. Our Academy is the place where excellence in oncology care is formed.

Those who successfully complete our Academy will become part of our network of operational collaborations in the Ticino area.

The training is open to all operators active in the Ticino area, the first training sessions will start during the month of January 2024.

For more information you can contact us directly: